Why are the rates I see online & in the paper different from your rates?

All Currency and Commodities have a buy and sell called the International Spot Rate. Online and newspaper rates tend to show you one rate—-but no one buys or sells at that rate.  Just as with any other market, there is a wholesale rate and there is a retail rate in the foreign exchange market. The wholesale rate is the rate of exchange among banks (interbank rate). The retail rate of exchange is slightly different. We will offer the best available retail rate and maintain competitive retail exchanges. Additionally, foreign currencies are often traded at discounted foreign exchange rates; many web sites will display discounted trade rates or, more commonly, international currency cross rates. The currency cross rate refers to the value of one currency relative to another. Most financial web sites will display this rate of exchange.

Yes we do match local bank currency exchange rates. If you happen to find a better rate and we can verify it, we will adjust our rate to match or beat theirs– so not only do we ensure that you get the best rate, you save on the convenience as well as our low exchange fees.

What determines the rate and how often does the rate change?

There are many factors that affect a currency’s rate both positively and negatively but it is hard to predict exactly what the rate is going to be doing.

The rate for the actual value of the currency can change several times throughout the day, but at Amercia’s Currency Exchange we update our rates in the morning during the week  and rates remain the same on the weekends.

What TYPES of currency can I order?

You may place an order for any one or more of the over 80 different currencies that we exchange. Many of the more popular ones we tend to already keep in stock and do not require placing an order for (but if you need a larger amount of any currency it is always recommended that you call ahead to ensure that we either have the amount available or can have it for you prior to your trip). Orders can be placed both in store as well as over the phone for your convenience.

How much time should I give when placing a CURRENCY order?

Unlike the local banks that do Currency Exchange, ACE not only beats their rates but keeps the currencies for the most popular destinations on hand in bulk. We have a vast range of currencies which we keep a nominal amount on hand, but if not we can usually have the exotic currencies the next day unless the order is placed in the evenings or on a weekend.

Is There A Deposit Requirement(s) for Orders?

We try to make getting your currency as simple and pain-free as possible, but sometimes for safe-measure we do require a deposit for most orders: If order is less than $300 USD then we require a $20 deposit. If order is greater than $300 USD then we require a $100 deposit. For orders taken over the phone we ask that you provide us with debit card information.

(Please note that deposits are refunded or applied to the transaction upon pickup of the order. Deposits are NOT an additional cost or fee.)