US Traveler’s Cheques

The Management team of America’s Currency Exchange puts compliance at the forefront of all it does and has always maintained full compliance with all Laws and regulations. The entire business operating model and business plan has compliance at its core. ACE’s compliance program is advanced and has a prudent account opening and monitoring process so that everyone involved is comfortable with every client and transaction performed.

ACE’s compliance ensures all employees and management are routinely trained and tested on the latest enhanced compliance concepts. Both internal and external sources are regularly reviewed to ensure the compliance program remains “best in class”.

ACE has a yearly independent review of its compliance training and programs so that it will continue to remain diligent in transaction processing.

ACE has registered with FinCEN as a Money Service Business as well as licensed with the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulations.

ACE remains committed to the jurisdictions in which it operates and is a diversified equal opportunity company and therefore stands ready to provide additional information as may be asked of it.