Wholesale Services

Wholesale Customers: A business such as a hotel is a perfect business to offer foreign currency exchange. ACE’s wholesale relationships allow for all purchases and sales of currencies that will be done online with transactions being entered online and exchange rates locked in. Please contact us at Peter@americasfx.com for more information.



ACE can help you exchange money at competitive rates so you know what your costs are up front, and there are no hidden fees.

Remember that it is a great idea to have the right kind of currency on you when arriving at your foreign destination. 

Thank you for your interest in America’s Currency Exchange! We are dedicated to providing customers with the best currency exchange services possible. For more information, please call 239-963-4141. It’s a pleasure to meet your currency needs.

Being a pre-approved wholesale customer of America’s Currency Exchange affords your company to have little or no fees and exchange rates that will save up to thousands of dollars on each transaction. This is because ACE has:

Allows for cheaper and faster transactions

Excellent Exchange Rates

Quality and Professional Service

Lowest Transaction Fees